01/08/2016 – Dying For Food

01/08/2016 – Dying For Food

VenezulaA few weeks ago I wrote about the troubles in Venezuela, how people were starving and the government had rationed the food, well it has really come to an all time low now.

Venezuelan people are so hungry that they are brave enough to enter a zoo to kill animals for their meat!  Wow, there are times when we think we are in desperate situations, but the thought of going to, London Zoo, for example, to butcher an animal for meat or starve! That’s never to been a necessity.

Hungry Venezuelans break into zoo and butcher animal for meat

Times are hard all over the world, but this is a new one on me – desperate times really do call for desperate measures.  As much as I realise that everything is relative, there are some situations that appear worse than others.

Nobody should be as desperate as this.  You will never see a poor government, yet still the people suffer.  The elite has designed our situations to be hard, their aim is to dwindle down the population.  The elite are a minute number in comparison to the masses, yet they continue to have control over people.

It’s so wrong yet people fail to make a stand, to stop them.  Therefore, they will continue to abuse us while they can.

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