03/08/2016 – Natural Healing

03/08/2016 – Natural Healing

Regular readers will know that I’ve spoken about the Big Pharma many times. Pharmaceutical companies do not want people to become independent of drugs. Perhaps that’s why prescription drugs are just as addictive as recreational ones?

Hemp oil is the new yet old ‘kid on the block’, in terms of healing. It is something that has been around for years, silently bubbling under the surface until people gave it the respect it deserved.

Natural remedies are always going to be the winner. However, pharmaceutical companies are constantly trying to find ways to ‘pooh pooh’ the benefits of natural remedies that actually heal many ailments. If ‘those in the know’ listened to the powers that be, then most of the world would be drugged up zombies.

It is fact that hemp oil has healing properties that can reduce, if not curb, many debilitating illnesses. Diabetes is one of these illnesses known to be cured by hemp oil.

Sadly, big pharma’s aims are to make money from the masses. UK prescriptions cost £7, money will always be made from prescription taxes. Our governments are so hypocritical, they will push out FRANK adverts (A UK confidential drugs advice forum with an A to Z list of substances explaining appearance and use, effects, chances of getting hooked, health risks and UK law). Yet our government will happily profit from legal drugs.

Natural remedies are the way forward, if only you knew which pill to take to make the decision!?

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