04/08/2016 – Police But No Thieves In The Streets

04/08/2016 – Police But No Thieves In The Streets

New Scotland yardSo much is going on in world at the moment; we are lead to believe that people are becoming out of control so therefore for our own safety, we need police to patrol our streets.

Russell Square was the hub of activity (today) as a nineteen year old injured a few people as well as stabbed and killed another. This man must obviously be one of colour as the police are looking into whether it’s a terrorist attack or not – even though Scotland Yard believe that mental health was significant in the attack.

Russell Square stabbings: man held on suspicion of murder

The streets of London are now being patrolled by the police, well, they don’t look like the police, they look far more sinister. With successful fear tactics imparted onto the public, people now believe the best thing for them is to ‘feel’ police presence. Marshall law seems to be nipping at our heels.

Is it a coincidence (remember I don’t believe in that but more like co-ordinated instances) that madness and mayhem is spinning around the globe?

World leaders act as if they are against one another. However, take a deeper look – the same policing techniques are being set in place, around the world.

Are people happy to just accept this situation? Is this how we want to be governed?

Minds need to be made up soon.

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