08/08/2016 – When You Try To Do Good Evil Presents Itself

08/08/2016 – When You Try To Do Good Evil Presents Itself

Dr Sebi 2As children, my mothers used to say to us, “the world is going to get darker and things are going to go from bad to worse.”  How right was she?

When it comes to the elite and the government, we are the masses and they are the minority.  However,  because people have been brow beaten, they think it’s the other way around.  So ‘they’ come at us with mass mentality to disillusion us into believing we are the minority minds.

Globally, there are a lot of people trying and wanting to change the world. Dr Sebi a holistic healer in Honduras died after being arrested for having a large sum of money on his person.  What has that got to do with anything you may ask?

Dr Sebi was not a drug dealer, in fact, he was the complete opposite.  He was a man who promoted natural remedies and not only believed, but knew, that there were cures for most ailments and illnesses.  I guess it was for that very reason, a spanner was thrown into the works of large pharmaceutical companies – they didn’t want what he knew, to be made public.

Dr Sebi never stopped doing what he was doing, he was 82 years old when the authorities arrested him; a physically defenceless old man yet so strong mentally, with the capacity to break down their legal drugs world.

Big pharma would love if we were all dependent on them. Therefore, one less ‘Dr Sebi’ in the world fits perfectly with their agenda.

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