09/08/2016 – Hacked Off

09/08/2016 – Hacked Off

Car Hacking 2When I originally heard talks of driverless cars I was quite dubious about the concept.  I always remember watching an episode of CSI when a man’s hi tech car was linked to a computer system.  The car got hacked by someone who wanted him dead.

You may think, well, it’s only fiction.  However, let us not be fooled into thinking that, whatever they put out there in films and TV programs, that these things are not already invented.

Two men knowingly hacked into a Jeep Cherokee and took wireless control of all its functions, whilst it was on the road, travelling at high speed. Why!? Merely to prove, if you know-how then it can be done!

It’s quite a frightening thought; the car these guys hacked wasn’t even driverless!

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

Technology is catch-22, we need it, yet it could potentially be our downfall.  As much as technology will always move forward, the thought of driverless cars has always concerned me; much less the hacking of a car with a driver.

There is nothing worse than being in a situation that you thought you had control over, only to find that you maybe in the driver’s seat but you do not have control.

This form of technology is going to be relevant to the time we are living in.  Do not  be surprised if we begin to hear stories, about those making a difference in this world, who die in mysterious car accidents. (If we haven’t heard some stories already).  I imagine loved ones’ grieving and bewildered over how could it could have happened?

The elite will do anything to stop the free-thinkers.  However, let’s not allow fear, but truth, to drive us.

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