10/08/2016 – Vaccinated

10/08/2016 – Vaccinated

unnamed (1)It is standard procedure for parents to take their babies to the doctor to get inoculated; to artificially induce immunities against various infectious diseases – so they’re told!

It makes you wonder why it was made out to be so important for children to be inoculated.

A few years back there was a bit of an uproar towards parents who didn’t want their child to receive the MMR jab.

All vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons and chemicals that can cause a lot of damage to the brain and body.  Vaccines are the product of big pharmaceutical companies.  Money is made whenever school children are vaccinated so it’s understandable why ‘they’ would want to promote vaccinations.

Not that long ago, a young woman was injected with the flu jab (vaccine).  She became quite ill and later died from sepsis (harmful bacteria and their toxins in the tissue, usually caused by an injection wound).

10 Reasons Not To Vaccinate

In some work places, especially those with children, it has been compulsory for employees to have the flu vaccine.  If the employee refused they could potentially receive their P45.

People in the west profess to be democratic, yet the level of control people are under is quite frightening.

Believing what she was told, the woman died from a supposed ‘harmless’ flu jab, the vaccine that was supposed to protect her from contracting the flu, but clearly didn’t  protect her from death.

The government routinely offer everyone in the UK free NHS vaccinations and recommending our babies need inoculations, stating it’s a ‘necessity’ thar they have it done.  Long term, I start to worry and wonder why?

Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe to be right and true.

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