11/08/2016 – What not to wear

11/08/2016 – What not to wear

BurkiniThe western world has always been led to believe that they have their own minds and are in control of their own lives.  Yet, hidden in plain sight, the puppet masters still have control of the strings.

The Mayor of Cannes, famous for its film festival, has banned burkinis from the beach.  He claimed burkinis represent the people who has waged war against France.  He also stated, only ‘proper beach wear’ is allowed and, anything that denotes religious connotations is not allowed.

Ignorance most certainly is not bliss.  Does this mean that he thinks all those who wear a burkini are religious zealots?

Cannes bans burkinis over suspected link to radical Islamism

Back in the day, before the itsy bitsy yellow polkadot bikini, people used to cover up completely and if anyone dared to wear anything remotely like today’s ‘proper beach wear’ they were deemed a scarlet woman! Then …… manipulated, marketed sex began to sell things.

If people live in a democratic state with no dress codes, should a mayor have the authority to tell people how they should dress? Especially, when it relates to his own fears which in turn could incite others.

Everyone wants to feel safe so if those in authority ban a burkini because it’s the epitome of terrorism, thus inciting fear; why wouldn’t people stand by their decision, and  realise the absurdity of it all?

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