12/11/2015 – When Two Tribes Go to War…

12/11/2015 – When Two Tribes Go to War…

Thursday 12th November 2015 – When two tribes go to war…

image9When you’re at school, you are told that fighting doesn’t resolve anything. Kids are discouraged from fighting, and rightly so. The saying, “rules were meant to be broken”, must have been written for politicians and the committee that runs the world, because the rules of the playground are soon forgotten. As soon as there is a problem, or a country doesn’t play ball, off to war they go.

Actually, it’s the innocent ones that go off and fight the battles for the bullies enforcing them. War always generates money, so it will always be a great asset for various nations and the “money” people.

There is a lot of fighting and destruction going on around the world. The big boys in charge of the “war list” must be very pleased with themselves, as well as the size of their wallet.

The innocent are usually the ones that suffer under the cloud of war. There are people that go to war and then there are those who send people to war, while they sit at home safe and sound watching what has been orchestrated pan out. Weapons are manufactured and sold by someone. How surprised would we be if we had the opportunity to see who the weapons’ vendors actually were?

Our country is never going to stop selling weapons, and even though half of our client list has people starving in their own countries, they too will never stop buying them.

The heart of man is growing harder every day. People are doing unspeakable things. In the name of what? Our compassion is flickering like a burnt out light bulb.

Marvin Gaye sang a line in one of his songs stating that, “war is not the answer…”. The problem is… they write the questions.

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