15/05/2013 – “Will the real Nick please stand up”

We all remember seeing the iconic picture from the Boston Marathon where we saw Jeff Bauman being wheeled away from ground zero of the explosion. The picture showed his legs blown away, shin bone exposed without a single drop of blood leaving a trail and him looking very calm.

Imagine if it was you and the screams you’d be freely allowing to leave your mouth!

Now let’s have a look at a USA war vet Nick Vogt.

Is he not similar in look to Jeff? Aren’t they the same person?

  • Q: Why would America do this?
  • A: without a perceived and “very convincing threat” then the money to finance the (manufactured) War On Terror ( aka WOT) would dry up & then you’d soon realise that all wars are phoney and controlled to generate £$€¥

Read the link below and decide for yourself….

CONFIRMED: Amputee, Nick Vogt Played the Part of Jeff Bauman at Boston False Flag (people wake up & connect the dots)

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