15/08/2016 – Media Frenzy

15/08/2016 – Media Frenzy

imamFor years the media has been able to control the minds of some people.  Just because something was printed in black and white, people believed it to be true.

An Imam and his assistant were killed on the streets of Queens, New York.  Sadly, most people will follow what is happening in mainstream media and rather than read in between the lines, they will create their own illogical truth and act upon it.

New York imam and assistant shot dead in Queens

Recently newspapers have been blurring the truth by linking stories, such as,  ‘thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants arrive in the UK’ with (so called) ‘terrorist attacks’.  As a result, hate crimes in the UK is on the increase, yet people say nothing.

Peaceful protests have turned into violent demonstrations.  The mainstream media tend to put their calculated, twisted spin on the news.  Unbeknown to some, the mainstream media forums and news outlets are actually owned by the same people.

There is always money to be made through sensational news stories.  It is up to the public to sift through the ‘clues’ and lies and ask questions to determine what is the truth.

For example, how is it that no one knows who the shooter of the Imam and his assistant is? Who would want these two supposed peaceful men dead?  And why?

Media frenzy has incited people to kill, they have become the loaded gun that others’ fire.  It’s important to always read in between the lines and not only believe what they tell us.

Be vigilant.

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