16/08/2016 – Slim Pickings

16/08/2016 – Slim Pickings

Everyday people deal with injustice; racism, sexism, bullying etc.  For a long time, people have had to deal with sexism at work.  Some choose to ignore it or laugh it off whilst others have taken it further.

Never have I heard of an organisation making public statements and ‘demands’ about someone’s physical size.

In Egypt, a TV station suspended eight (female only) presenters because ‘they were overweight’.  The women were suspended ‘with pay’ (as if that should take the sting out of the decision) and given a month to lose weight or lose their jobs.  Seriously!! It would be great to live in an ideal world where people are not judged based on their looks.

Egyptian television station suspends eight female presenters ‘for being overweight’

Surely the size of someone should never be above their ability to do their job? It’s such a shallow world that we live in.

The Egyptian TV station were blatant in their views on suspending the female presenters.  Whilst I don’t know how the law stands in Egypt, from a personal level, why would any of the women just accept their decision?

Respect for other people in today’s society is lacking.  If the action of the TV company is condoned, how are we as people expected to progress?

We need to love one another in order to change the world.

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