17/08/2016 – Fat Chance

17/08/2016 – Fat Chance

obesity2I’m coming from an era where processed and junk foods were a phenomenon.  A time when physical education was compulsory in schools and obesity was very rarely on the menu!

Times have certainly changed.  Processed food and high cholesterol are on the increase; we are encouraged to eat junk foods. Our supermarkets are designed in such a way that we start off with the healthy stuff, then we venture into the middle, where temptation is waiting to greet us.

America used to be renowned as the nation of obesity but we in the UK, are now not far behind them, if not on par.  It has been stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that three in every four men and two in every three women will be obese by 2030, now that is a high ratio.

Most British and Irish People Will Be Overweight or Obese By 2030

It has become difficult to eat organic and healthy foods at a decent price.  As soon as the word organic is stamped on packaging, prices tend to skyrocket.  It is cheaper to buy junk food, which clog our children’s arteries before they are even fully developed.

Most stores do not help; instead of having healthy snacks or fruit and vegetables at the tills, there is nothing but junk food staring us in the face.  Society doesn’t make it much easier either, we’re bombarded with the temptation of unnecessary calories.  Exercise for some is a chore; gyms are not cheap and street running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I guess when you look at what is put into our foods, as substitutes etc, WHO’s prediction on the rise of obesity is not such a surprise.

Have you ever wondered why diabetes and other such illnesses are prominent? Is it by design.

Well, apparently, there are too many of us……so the culling has begun

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