18/08/2016 – Very Taxing

18/08/2016 – Very Taxing

tax2I’ve never understood taxes, it’s always felt like a big con to me.  We get taxed on our wages, TV’s, goods, council.  How is that possible?  Surely, we should only be taxed once, overall.  Maybe it’s because we never say anything and our government live in hope that we won’t notice or won’t even care.

Sadly, as per usual, the poor are forever getting poorer and the rich, well it goes without saying……..

It transpires that the poor are paying more than half of their pay in taxes.  Really!? Why are we being penalised for simply trying to survive?

I know I harp on about our government sometimes but; it worries me that these people we voted in, with an expectancy for them to look after our communities, well, it appears they only look after the people who are just like them, ie their own.

How can those struggling to make ends meet be paying more into the system?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Nobody said life was going to be easy but it would be great if it was fair.

The average household pays about £274 more in taxes than it receives in benefits or services.  The poor are generally the ones hit the hardest.  I guess, when the dog is down, you might as well carry on kicking it!

It has been said that there is enough global resources to equally share it amongst the masses. Yet realistically, we will never see that happen; things tend to get in the way of humanity.  The sound of a cash machine opening is made with every blink.

Do we really know where all of our taxes go? Are we actually even bothered? Do we think we should just pay it because they told us we have to?

I’ve said it before, the government work for us and not the other way around.  We just pay them more than they would ever pay us.  How generous are we eh!?

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