An Evening with Iby Knill – The Woman Without a Number (Landau Forte College – Theatre, Derby)

Iby-KnillWednesday 23rd Oct 2013 @7pm – doors open @6:45pm

Tickets: £5 (£7 on the door) – all proceeds to charity

Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes – approx

On her last day in Auschwitz, Iby made a promise. She promised a young twin she would tell the story of those that would not survive the infamous concentration camp. It took 60 years before Iby could finally talk about what happened. She kept secret the fact that she had survived Nazi concentration camps even from her own children. Now she is fulfilling a long-held promise by sharing her story – and that of those she promise to share – with the world.

In 2010, her extraordinary story was featured on the BBC television series ‘My Story’. She has also featured in the Daily Mail and has published a brave and open book that tells of how she arrived at Auschwitz, how she risked her life by protecting the weak and helpless from the gas chambers, and how she eventually gained redemption. Her message is one of tolerance and hope, Plus Special Guest – Aron Shelton (Nottinghamshire)

At the age of just 17, Aaron Shelton (28) left his home in Nottinghamshire to join local regiment – The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, now known as 2 Mercian. After returning from Afghanistan unharmed in 2005, he was badly injured in 2007 when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a roadside bomb during a routine patrol while he was serving a second stint in the country. During the attack his friend, Tom Wright of Ripley in Derbyshire, was killed. In 2008 Aron’s leg had to be amputated to relieve the pain.

Aron used to walk 50 miles in 2 days but now says he counts distances in metres. He has been advised he’ll probably lose the other leg in the future on account of the injuries sustained in the attack. Having learned to cope with the frustrations of his new life, Aron met Callan, Tom’s friend, at his funeral. They are now engaged and live in Ripley with their 6-month old daughter.

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