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Review : Man Of Steel

Review : Man Of Steel Now before I start I need to make certain things clear. I’ve been going to the cinema (or pictures if you’re of a certain age) since the very early 1970s. I remember watching Richard Donner’s version of Superman featuring the late Christopher Reeve in 1978 and rating it then hating…Continue Reading

Review : Now You See Me by Jack Denton

Now You See Me focuses upon four street magicians who form together through invitations from a mystery member of a group they later call the ‘Four Horseman’. Their aim is to amaze through magic on a global scale with some hidden agendas along the way. ‘Now You See Me’ is entertaining throughout as you would expect…Continue Reading

Review : The Station Agent by Jack Denton

The Station Agent tells the story of a man born with dwarfism. When his only friend dies suddenly, the man moves away to live a quiet life in the property his friend left him in his will. In his new rural surroundings the man meets a couple of highly different people wanting to spend time with him…Continue Reading

Review : Man Of Steel by Jack Denton

Man of Steel tells the story of a young man who possesses powers far beyond earth’s imagination. Throughout his life he is repeatedly confronted by his extraterrestrial roots. Many actions and circumstances occur, all of them leading up to the invasion of Earth by his own race where the young man must act upon his…Continue Reading

Review : In The Fog

I had no idea what In The Fog was about by the time I had taken my seat @DerbyQUAD last Friday however 2hours later I was impressed enough to immediately tweet my joy at what I’d seen. Are you curious to know more? OK then I suggest you clear your mind of preconceived thoughts and…Continue Reading

Review : The Great Gatsby

I hadn’t seen any films at the cinema for a few weeks however I went to Rome and came back on the Sunday and immediately arranged to go to Derby QUAD via my beautiful friend there called Kathy Frain (@KathyQUAD) who sorted me to see two films back to back. They both were good however…Continue Reading

ID FEST Derby : 10th – 12th May 2013

As I’ve stated before I have had the pleasure, nay, the privilege of being invited to my 2nd IDFEST however if you’re not familiar with what happens at it let me explain. It’s a Film festival showing films! OK, I stand corrected, it isn’t just films their featuring at the IDFEST there’s also Q&A sessions…Continue Reading

Review : Iceman

I had the privilege to be invited to my 2nd ID_Fest which is hosted by @DerbyQUAD who are based in the city of Derby. I met the Mayor of Derby Councillor Lisa Higginbottom and The Director of the event Adam Buss which was nice even though she told everyone that last time we met I…Continue Reading

Review : Side Effects

When I returned from Dubai the very next day I went to my favourite cinema in the city of Derby called Derby QUAD and took my place to watch a film that I had heard so much about. The film is called Side Effects and stars on screen couple Emily (Rooney Mara the lead in the…Continue Reading

Review : The Place Beyond the Pines

The title of the film The Place Beyond the Pines meant nothing to me before I saw the film, however having seen it @DerbyQUAD on its opening day I will not forget the name (even though I’m still none the wiser as to its meaning!) The director of  The Place Beyond the Pines is Derek…Continue Reading

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