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Gman test drives the Porsche Cayman S

Gman test drives the Porsche Cayman S For those who follow Me/We/ZeN on twitter (@gmanZeN) you will know that I like going to Manchester and I also like the Porsche 911 C4S so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone (for the record, no physical birds were harmed in the writing of this…Continue Reading

14 Caribbean countries sue Britain, France & The Netherlands for Slave Trade reparations

Written by: Steph Hernandez Twitter: @ExistMedia So today I read an article from Aljazeera America regarding 14 Caribbean nations bringing a lawsuit against France, The Netherlands and Britain for their roles in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It was announced last Friday 27th Sept at the United Nations General Assembly that… “The awful legacy of these…Continue Reading

An Evening with Iby Knill – The Woman Without a Number (Landau Forte College – Theatre, Derby)

Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013 @7pm – doors open @6:45pm Tickets: £5 (£7 on the door) – all proceeds to charity Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes – approx On her last day in Auschwitz, Iby made a promise. She promised a young twin she would tell the story of those that would not survive the…Continue Reading

22/08/2013 – Dawne B’s Life’s Thoughts

LIFE’S THOUGHTS – Go Have Some Fun QUOTE: “Laugh often and it will cleanse your mind. Laugh often at yourself and it will cleanse your heart” Life can be busy, focused, hard, tail-chasing, on auto, necessary, dedicated, committed, routine, goals, to do lists, deadlines, commitments, worries, concerns, paying the bills, making ends meet, being a;…Continue Reading

08/08/2013 – Dawne B’s Life’s Thoughts

Life’s Thoughts Quote : The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.” ― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes Friendship? What does it look like to you, what are the first descriptive words that pop into your head? Friendships for me are beautiful, engaging, necessary, affirming, consoling, filled with laughter, good times, powerful, supportive,…Continue Reading

30/07/2013 – Dawne B’s Life’s Thoughts

LIFE’S THOUGHTS Quote: If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment ~ Marcus Aurelius In the process of connecting in a new city, I went along to a local community…Continue Reading

20/05/2013 – Dawne B’s Life Thoughts

LIFE’S THOUGHTS Quote: Nothing in nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. Sun doesn’t give heat for itself. Flowers don’t spread fragrances for themselves…..Living for others is the rule of nature. My birthday falls on May Day bank holiday, so I’ve always had an “it’s MY…Continue Reading

25/04/2013 – Dawne B’s Life’s Thoughts

Quote : You’ll never make a good impression in life or on other people until you stop thinking about what sort of impression you’re making.” ― C.S. Lewis We go about our day to day lives most times oblivious to the people we interact with or the many many faces and races we encounter. Every…Continue Reading

15/05/2013 – “Will the real Nick please stand up”

We all remember seeing the iconic picture from the Boston Marathon where we saw Jeff Bauman being wheeled away from ground zero of the explosion. The picture showed his legs blown away, shin bone exposed without a single drop of blood leaving a trail and him looking very calm. Imagine if it was you and the…Continue Reading

Gman test drives ‘The Mac Daddy’ & the ‘New Breed of Dog’.

I went to see my friend up Manchester way, the one who was wonderful enough to take me to Dubai last week. We had agreed that he would meet me at the train station then we’d walk the short distance to his lovely home. The train was running late so I informed him that I’d be…Continue Reading

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