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DAY 10: USA – Tony’s Blog

DAY 10: USA – Tony’s Blog

Today I leave for home and I am about ready for home as well. I’m up and out of my hotel at 8am and on my way to my first flight from Kansas City. I fly into  then onto Philadelphia and then my final destination is Edinburgh. All in all I will take 3 flights…Continue Reading

DAY 9: USA – Tony’s Blog

DAY 9: USA – Tony’s Blog

My final full day in Kansas City………. Today started slowly and I end up at Latte Land for breakfast and I have to admit that I have the strongest coffee I’ve ever had. I’m happy for the slow day as I have my first baseball game to go to tonight. A bit of relaxing and…Continue Reading

DAY 8: USA – Tony’s Blog

DAY 8: USA – Tony’s Blog

Today has been a rest day, I think the exertions of the last few days have caught up with me as I’ve been tired today. This morning I went for breakfast at a lovely little coffee shop called ‘Latte Land’ and had coffee and a scone. I chilled out here for a good hour or…Continue Reading

DAY 7: USA – Tony’s Blog

Today has been my best day in Kansas City. I had a very chilled out morning where I went to the gym. I met with Jake for lunch and he said he’d take me too the best BBQ in Kansas. Kansas is famous for its BBQ and this place is the best in town. Now…Continue Reading

DAY 6: USA – Tony’s Blog

Before I bore you to death about my going on’s again… I would just like to clear up one thing that has been brought to my attention… the reason why I left Chesterfield FC… September last year I found a lump on my neck, and in December I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma. I underwent…Continue Reading

DAY 5: USA – Tony’s Blog

Today has been a very chilled out day so far. I bought myself a couple of shirts and had lunch in a restaurant called Biro ( at the Country Club Plaza, which is a beautiful setting. I had the most gorgeous salmon salad. Tonight I am going out for dinner with 2 friends, and they have recommended…Continue Reading

DAY 4: USA – Tony’s Blog

One question which I have been asked over and over again is how does the MLS compare to the Premier league? As you know I watched the game between Sporting Kansas and LA Galaxy last night. Sporting are the current MLS champions and LA Galaxy are the ‘Man United’ of the MLS. Firstly, on a pure…Continue Reading

DAY 3: USA – Tony’s Blog

I’m doing better. I’ve been awake since 4am this morning. It’s going to take me some time to get used to the time difference, so I will hit the gym. It’s match day today, so I’m looking forward to going to the game which kicks off at 5pm. I’m on the lookout for a traditional…Continue Reading

DAY 2: USA – Tony’s Blog

I don’t think my body clock has kicked in yet, it’s 3am and I’m wide awake (that’s 9am UK time)! I can hear the distant horns blowing on the trains as they trundle through and leave town. The gym opens at 5.30am, so I’m going to go and start to get back into some sort of routine…Continue Reading

DAY 1: USA, The Brit & Football (…or do you mean ‘Soccer’?!)

Tony Lormor is a former professional footballer who played for Newcastle United, Chesterfield, Lincoln and Preston North End to name a few. Tony’s gone to the USA to see if they have different training methods to the ones he has experienced in the UK. So he’s decided to create a blog with us on his travel…Continue Reading

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