DAY 1: USA, The Brit & Football (…or do you mean ‘Soccer’?!)

TonyTony Lormor is a former professional footballer who played for Newcastle United, Chesterfield, Lincoln and Preston North End to name a few.

Tony’s gone to the USA to see if they have different training methods to the ones he has experienced in the UK. So he’s decided to create a blog with us on his travel experiences and more over the next couple weeks.

Please stay tuned for what we’re sure will be an interesting journey!

DAY 1:

My alarm is set for 6am, but I’ve been awake since 3.30am, so I must be excited!

I arrived at the airport for 7.30am and I quickly go through the checking-in procedure; and I find that getting through security is quick. With the perceived heightened security checks that have been in the press, the process is smooth and efficient.

I find myself in the departure lounge in good time and I have plenty time to relax before my flight. Boarding the plane, is again a very smooth process and I’m in my seat ready for the 7.5 hour flight into Philadelphia. The flight was good and I was very well looked after with complimentary food and drinks. The flight attendant was called Cinderella!

ArrivalArriving at Philadelphia airport I was grilled at customs for my visit to the States and warned not to undertake take any work while I was here! I have a 3 hour wait now till my connecting flight, which takes another 3 hours to get to; and will be my third time zone in 24 hours. The flight from Philadelphia was delayed by half an hour, but I have to say the time passed by very quickly as it’s a very busy airport.

I managed a spot of lunch and some red wine tasting.

On arriving at Kansas City airport I must say how very good all the staff of US Airways were. From the minute I got on the plane, nothing was too much trouble. I’m now settled in my room, and it’s been an exhausting 20 hour journey to get here, so I’m going to make sure I enjoy every minute I am here.


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