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LA-Galaxy-Logo2One question which I have been asked over and over again is how does the MLS compare to the Premier league? As you know I watched the game between Sporting Kansas and LA Galaxy last night. Sporting are the current MLS champions and LA Galaxy are the ‘Man United’ of the MLS.

Firstly, on a pure footballing front, the standard of football was of a Championship level.
Sporting have potentially three players that could play in the Premier league, Besler, Zusi and Dwyer; and LA Galaxy have Keane and Donovan. But the rest of both teams would struggle to play in the Premier League and even in the Championship to a certain extent.

Where they shine, and the Premier League and all English clubs could learn from this, is commercially. Sporting are light-years ahead of the majority of the football clubs throughout the UK. The one area where they put their counterparts in England to shame is on how they look after their fans on match day.

photo 2Sporting have a brand-new stadium which holds 18,500 fans. Yesterday the ground was full. Sporting have a waiting list at every level to get into the ground, whether that’s to buy a ticket on match day, season tickets or for corporate hospitality.

They have activities going on outside and around the ground so all fans of all ages can join in the fun. They really make it a full family day out. Inside the ground it was immaculately clean. There were numerous areas to purchase merchandise, food, drinks and alcoholic drinks.

Sporting really engage with their fans so that every fan has an affinity with the club, and the striking point was the number of women and children who attended and enjoyed the football.


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