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photo 1 (1)Today has been a very chilled out day so far. I bought myself a couple of shirts and had lunch in a restaurant called Biro ( at the Country Club Plaza, which is a beautiful setting. I had the most gorgeous salmon salad.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with 2 friends, and they have recommended a tapas restaurant. So I’m looking forward to that very much.

photo 2 (2)In the end we went for a Mexican meal in the Hispanic area of Kansas. I had the strongest tequila cocktail that I’ve ever had, and it was beautiful. The meal consisted of nachos and an assortment of salsa for a starter. The salsa was described as mild, medium and hot. Though I can assure you that they were hot, very hot and hotter! Then, a selection of tacos for the main course with a side of rice and fried beans… very delicious.

The end to a great evening. Adios amigos!


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