DAY 8: USA – Tony’s Blog

DAY 8: USA – Tony’s Blog

Today has been a rest day, I think the exertions of the last few days have caught up with me as I’ve been tired today.

LatteLandSouthBannerThis morning I went for breakfast at a lovely little coffee shop called ‘Latte Land’ and had coffee and a scone. I chilled out here for a good hour or so and typed up my thoughts from the football match the previous evening.

During the day there has been plenty of going ons in front of my hotel. Many people have been setting up stalls so I went over to find what it was all about. To my utter pleasure it’s a bar-b-q competition that will be running over the next 2 days.  is the bar-b-q capital of the world and I have to say the aroma around the hotel and city are quite marvellous. I’m looking forward to sampling some of their produce and I might see if I can get myself on the judges panel!

photo 1 (2)For my dinner I headed over to a Sports Bar that I’ve been to before called ‘Jonny’s’. They must have about 20 TV screens playing all sorts of different sports from all over the US, I’m in heaven if I’m totally honest. Today is Burger Thursday, so I decide it would be wrong of me not to have a burger! I pick the spicy burger which they even deep fried the jalapeño, with a combo of fries and onion rings.

photo 2 (2)It can only be described as a heart attack in a bun!! And then for desert I decide to have fried ice cream, buy this time my eyes are bigger than my belly. Fried ice cream is ice cream rolled in cinnamon sugar and deep fried. I have to be honest and say it wasn’t the best desert I’ve ever had.

This evening I am resting up as tomorrow will be my last full day in America and I’m guessing I will be in for a busy day. Tomorrow evening I will take in my first ever baseball game when the Kansa City Royals take on the Cleveland Indians so I’m looking forward that very much.


Featured photo by Hollywata

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