DAY 9: USA – Tony’s Blog

DAY 9: USA – Tony’s Blog

My final full day in Kansas City……….

Today started slowly and I end up at Latte Land for breakfast and I have to admit that I have the strongest coffee I’ve ever had. I’m happy for the slow day as I have my first baseball game to go to tonight. A bit of relaxing and shopping gets me ready for my big night.

I arrive at the stadium in good time to see  play the Cleveland Indians. I’ve got plenty time to get my tickets, find my seats and take in their National Anthem before the game starts. As I’ve experienced at the football games, the customer service is first class and nothing is to much trouble for the staff to make sure I have a good evening.

photo 1 (3)The game starts at 7.10pm and for the first couple of innings you can see that both teams are sussing each other out. From know where the Royals hit 2 home runs from consecutive batters and the game comes alive…….well only just!! The Royals are pretty much in control of the whole game until it gets to 4-4 in the 8th innings and at this stage I’m wondering how a one sided game, as much as this, is now level. You can feel the tension, the Royals are onto their 4th pitcher, substituting the other 3 and the mood with the fans is just starting to get edgy.

photo 2 (3)Thankfully Billy Butler hits a double, a home run with a player on a base, and the Royals finish the 8th innings 6-4 ahead. All they have to do now is not to concede any runs in the 9th and final innings to win the game and they do this ease. The games finishes just after 10.15pm.

My overall experience of the game is that everything is stacked up in favour of the fielding team. During the course of the game there must have been in excess of 300 pitches by both teams, which lead to 5 home runs and half a dozen base hits. It was no wonder that the crowd erupts when a piece of action breaks out! I also found out that the evening is a very social affair. Probably only half of the 35,000 were at the beginning of the game and it wasn’t until the 2nd or 3rd innings that everyone had filtered in. I watched the first 5 innings in my seat and I then toured the rest of the ground for the final 4 innings.

photo 3 (1)I witnessed many fans not even watching the game and casually drinking and enjoying the weather, which was 95f at the start of the game!

After the game had finished there was a huge firework display to celebrate ‘Firework Friday’, every home game on a Friday has a display whether they win or not. As well as this the had an offer of ‘a buck for a bucket’ which consists of fizzy drinks, popcorn and peanuts and all hot dogs a dollar, they really do look after there fans.

It was a night that I thoroughly enjoyed and I would recommend this to any one.

Featured photo by MikeKalasnik

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