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LIFE’S THOUGHTS – Go Have Some Fun

QUOTE: “Laugh often and it will cleanse your mind. Laugh often at yourself and it will cleanse your heart”

19imageLife can be busy, focused, hard, tail-chasing, on auto, necessary, dedicated, committed, routine, goals, to do lists, deadlines, commitments, worries, concerns, paying the bills, making ends meet, being a; boss, employee, parent, teacher, giver, carer etc.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the process of life, the responsibilities of life, want we want to get out of life, or even give to life, we forget to simply have fun.

imageA few days ago I went on a community coach trip to Scarborough seaside. Facilitated by ZeN and supported by local supermarket Asda. The coach trip was free to the first 52 people who signed up. As part of the ZeN team, I was all for it, believed it was a great idea and went along to show my support and commitment to ZeN.

But my oh my was I pleasantly surprised. The day turned out to be one of the best days of the year so far. Why, because it was simply an unexpected full on belly laughter fun filled day.

16imageThe day began with a group of girlfriends (old and new) linking arms, taking snapshots and strutting down the promenade, getting giddy, chit chatting away and getting acquainted with one another. We were joined later by a few guys on the trip; we laughed together, ate together, shared together, bantered together, giggled, and got soaked in the mid-Summer downpour. However, that didn’t matter, everyone had an unspoken mind-set of a day to kick back, relax and fully enjoy the moments and boy did we laugh. It dawned on me I had not laughed so hard and ‘kin teet (smiled) so much in a long time.

13imageWe released our inhibitions and returned to good old fashioned childhood fun, screamed loud on the fairground rides, over-reacted with playful, full on dramatics about getting soaked in the rain. We fully immersed ourselves in the moment with a boat trip, played games, sang call and response songs, reminisced, rekindled friendships, created new ones and I have to re-iterate laughed hard.

A few comments from some of the girlies and people on the coach trip:

“I’ve not had a girlie day in years, how I’ve missed them”

“That is my memory of what a community who works and plays together can do – a coming together of races and ages to bring out the “happy” in our souls and share it like it’s a contagious entity.”

2image“Scarborough was a beautiful place, but the people on the trip made it that extra special, there was no division or discrimination, but frolics and fun had by all, the whole experience made me feel proud to be part of something truly amazing, something that needs to be shared with the world.”

“Thinking I’d go along to show support but the day itself supported me & reminded me of why girlie get togethers are so important.”

“Glad my child can go back to school with something to tell their school friends about what they did in the holidays”

It really was amazing how a group of people from all walks of life, different races, ages, cultures came together and had such an amazing fun time. (A digress: the coach was filled with people who needed it – connection. The world no longer focuses on community, but community brings people together.)

8imageDriving back from the trip, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness like others from the ZeN team, I’d brought along people who did not know anyone else yet the fun shared, the unity, welcome, and togetherness in the way we all connected was beautiful.

Ask yourself when was the last time you laughed so hard that your belly hurt, when was the last time you kicked back and just had fun? When was the last time you had a pillow fight or water pistol fight with your children? When was your last girlie get together or boy’s night out? When was the last time you played a family game? Jumped on a bed or sang with a hairbrush in front of a mirror? When was the last time you did something, just for the sheer fun of it? There is a time (and a need) for everything including the silly – just because, fun!

9imageSo I’d like to encourage you to organise your own girlie get together or reminiscent get together. Maybe you feel you don’t have the girlfriends or buddies to do it with, but think about this, everyone needs connection, people to laugh with, to have fun with. You could become the instigator, why not start an online group, a workplace social network, and form new groups at your gym or church?

Fun keeps us youthful and vibrant. Fun and laughter is infectious. We owe it to ourselves to factor in fun time too.

3imageSo go on, dance like no-one is watching, and sing like no-one is listening. Be creative and do something you love today – just for the sheer fun of it.

Today is Fun day.

Do the things that make you sparkle!

Here’s a little video to bring a little laughter to your day:

YouTube: FunnyFuse Faves: Say “Happy”

Struck a nerve, want to delve deeper:

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