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Now I know what you’re thinking “What’s that then?”

Well let me attempt to explain.

A few years ago we needed a few hundred quid (aka £€$¥) to do a charitable act. However because we didn’t have the money needed, and couldn’t raise it, we weren’t able to do the charitable thing we had planned.

Weeks later the sad reality of our financial plight hit home and we folded…. Now fast forward to the present day.

We at MeWeZeN are in a position to help others, based on the generosity of a very special person, which means that we are no longer living hand to mouth, plus our overheads are minuscule. Due to our own previous experiences, we are always looking at ways of helping others that find themselves in the position we were in, as mentioned above.

With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to set aside ‘a few quid’ every month to ‘Help’ a person, persons or a small community group do something for others.

So if you’re a person in need of a little ‘sum-thing’ to do ‘sum-thing’ and you think we can help, then contact us here and see what we can do.


The MeWeZeN Team

PS. we’re not promising that we will always say yes, because we can’t based on our limited funds, however we are promising that we will consider all requests.

Finally remember, we do not lend, only ‘Help’.

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