Review : Pacific Rim

Review : Pacific Rim

Review : Pacific Rim

Pacific-Rim-Movie-Poster-676x1000I had the privilege of going to the cinema to watch what @HopeG14 (my daughter’s twitter name) would be a good film which incidentally is called Despicable Me 2 (I mean, come on people!) However when we got there my baby had in fact sorted out for us to watch Pacific Rim which is more up my street. Want to know my take on it? Come closer and let me show you what I saw…

Here’s the plot in a nutshell. Aliens crash into the sea (The Pacific Rim to be precise) and live deep under the sea and periodically resurfacing onto Terra Firma (land/Earth) to kick human butt. Humans realise that their respective squabbles are meaningless against this threat to their very existence so they all get together and fight the common threat. The common threat they call Kaiju which means Beast, Mode, and Attack however in English it translates to Monster. the humans create monsters of their own in the form of giant robots. The name Robot is Czechoslovakian in origin and means Slave, Forced Labour or Servant. The leader/Commander of the robot programme is Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) and under his command is a young arrogant pilot called Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hannam) who doesn’t like taking orders and Stacker’s assistant Mako Mori (Rinko kikuchi) who is struggling with issues from her past which are revealed as the film progresses. The method of controlling the robots is that the pilots have to merge their minds together and become one.

Also featured are two scientists Dr Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) who are constantly at loggerheads. Will they adopt the same method that all the pilots have in order to control the robot?

Now for what I saw so buckle up cowboys and girls cause we’re off to Kansas….
Films, I have often stated before, come in layers. You have the surface, and then in the deeper underbellies then you have its true agenda. For example, take the film the devil’s Advocate that starred Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. The basis of the story is that the young hotshot lawyer (Keanu Reeves) is encouraged to join a law firm. This is the surface.

PACIFIC RIMThen we go a little deeper and see that he is the son of Lucifer (Al Pacino). Finally at the end Lucifer removes all pretences by pointing out we all have free choices but he plays on our vanity (a revealed truth that most will not pick up on until they’ve seen the film a few times). Lucifer reveals that he wants to create an anti-Christ so he sets up an alter with the express request of getting Keanu and his beautiful red headed sister to get it on thus producing a child to rule mankind (aka hell on earth).

pacific-rim-fightThe alter scene is where the power is in this film. It is designed to lower you, the viewer’s senses and be susceptible to the spell (i.e., to make you docile). You ever wonder why the most potent spells require the participants to be naked. Well when you’re a man being naked and about to have sex you are no longer ruled by the big brain in your head but rather by the small brain in your other…

I appear to be digressing however I’m trying to show you that some things you see on film are so powerful that without being shown what to look for you see in reality nothing.
Take the size and look of the Kaiju. They look like giant lizards that have descended from heaven then you realise that these creatures have wings. What fell from heaven that had wings?

pacific-rim03 (1)The bible tells us that Lucifer created a rebellion in heaven because he didn’t agree with the most high in that they the gloriously created indestructible angels had to serve the made from dirt thus infinitely inferior man. After a Battle royal, Arch Angel Gabriel fighting on the side of the creator throws the glorious looking Lucifer out of heaven alongside one third of the angelic host that also joined the rebellion. The price they paid was that they lost their privileges and became ugly. There’s a verse in the bible which says “I beheld Satan as lightening falling from heaven.” If this is true, where did Satan and the fallen angels land? The Pacific Rim maybe?

Pacific-Rim-2013Now a lot of this may not make a lot of sense to you who live in the west however they who make films designed to seduce you do have an allegiance to The Fallen Ones.
Don’t believe me? OK, who makes films with huge budgets? Hollywood, whose original name was Holy Wood because the place was sacred to Druids who went there to have their wands aka woods blessed.

For more on this subject please click on this link Hollywood Deception – Awakening Blog

Focusing back on Pacific Rim. The combat jackets in the film featured a winged design similar to the logo used on BMW Mini car and also used on the British make called Belstaffbut is this just an innocent logo or something more sinister?

Have a look at this link which shows you the most demonic logos currently around today.

Pacific Rim is all about working together to bring down The Kaiju which reminds me again of the speech President Ronald Reagan gave in the 1980’s which talked about the only way mankind was going to come together was if they had a common enemy from another world they had to fight (i.e., Independence Day).
The full speech is here.

More on the subject below


Some Holy Wood stars don’t mind talking about their beliefs in ET’s. Here’s Morgan Freeman’s take on the subject 

What did Mulder and Scully from the TV series The X Files say about the paranormal? The Truth is out there…
Pacific Rim is a good film but look beyond the first layers and see the reality….
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