Review : Before Midnight

Review : Before Midnight

Review : Before Midnight

before_midnight_1By now you should all know I like films. I don’t really have a preference of type of film however it has to fit into just one category which is it has to be thought provoking.

Before Midnight falls into that castigatory.

So having taken my usual seat at @DerbyQUAD courtesy of my home girl Kathy Frain (sista who runs publicity), I enjoyed it enough to now describe to you in words what I saw in pictures.

So, get yourselves a mug of Char and a biscuit (or two) and hopefully you will enjoy my review….

Now I hadn’t heard of Before Midnight until I’d seen the TV adverts and the ad that was on the @DerbyQUAD website but on researching I discovered it is the latest in a trilogy, the previous two being before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

before-midnight-ethan-hawke-julie-delpy-11Before Midnight is a romantic drama and all three films have been directed by Richard Link later.

The main characters are Jessie (Ethan Hawke) who is the husband of Celine (Julie Delpy), his beautiful French wife.

Jessie is a very successful author and has been married before but that ended badly and has a son with his ex. Jessie would love to get on better with his ex and feels that his son should be living with him in NY and not out of the country.

before8Jessie believes she has given up her own personal ambitions to be a successful wife and home maker however she clearly resents this state of affairs.

The entire film which is 109 mins long (or should I say short) and is about the couple’s family holiday with their young twin daughters and mainly focuses on the dialogue between husband and wife which is fascinating and I reckon all couples who are middle age and have been together for over 10+ years will more than be able to relate to the pair on screen.

There’s a scene where Jessie/Celine are having dinner with three other couples. One couple are young (early 20s), the second are middle aged (i.e., similar to Jessie/Celine) and the third couple are senior citizens.

Red Carpet for the premiere of "Before Midnight"Now what’s interesting is the level of cynicism between the couples dependant on age. For example, the middle age couple seem to get pleasure in belittling their respective partners in public whereas the young lovers only speak of extreme love about their feelings to each other and the senior couple speak only wisdom.

This made me think that the sad reality about young love is that in this transient world, will it be allowed to grow to be classed as seasoned/mature or will it be encouraged to be replaced with the next best thing?

Before-Midnight-Julie-Delpy-Ethan-HawkeOnly time mixed with mature thinking which isn’t dependant on age will decide….

No I’m not saying that the arguments raised or the points of view given I agreed with, rather I would say in all situations that people should in all cases seek to understand before aiming to be understood…..

The only warning I will give you about this film is that Celine does expose her breasts while with her hubby and even though the scene does make sense I would have preferred if the scene had made it go to the cutting room floor however that’s me and my Pentecostal Church upbringing however you decide for yourself…

Growing-rate-graphBefore Midnight is quality and worth watching just for the wonderfully written script that had me lol (as the kids say!)

Take a trip to your local cinema and watch this marvellous movie that isn’t about Crash Bang Wallop rather more about V…….. ………V… Aka ups and downs……

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