Review: Captain Phillips

Review: Captain Phillips

Review: Captain Phillips

Hello peeps, firstly let me apologise for not writing for a while. I’ve been so, so busy being involved in various projects however I’m now back (well I’m back for this week eh!)


The last film I think I saw was Man of Steel which I loved and for those who are regular readers of my reviews you would know that my criteria for reviewing a film is that I must like the said film, however my other criteria is that there must be something about it that I find of interest, something that I want to use to enlighten the reader. Captain Phillips falls into that particular category. So with this in mind, sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

captainfamily_2690207bCaptain Phillips is the story of the afore-mentioned Captain played by Tom Hanks who is in charge of The MV Maersk Alabama which is a cargo ship on East African routes. During its time in service it has been subject to several attempted pirate attacks and hijackings and the film focuses on the events of April 2009 when Captain Richard Phillips was… Well watch the film.

The film takes us to a coastal village in Somalia where we meet the villagers who are just chilling, with some chewing on Khat which is similar to the Ganja leaf and clearly gives the chewer a euphoric feeling. The next scene we see is a convoy of vehicles with heavily armed Somalia men who made it clear to the villagers that if they didn’t go on the pirate ships then they would face the wrath of the gang lords as well as continuing to live in poverty.

Somali-pirates-001Also bear in mind that the brilliant actors who appear as Somali Pirates were chosen by Greengrass from Somali immigrants in Minneapolis. Each of the four hijackers mainly featured in this film are compelling to watch, though Barkhad Abdi, as their leader Abduwali Muse, is exceptional. I did wonder why Barkhad Abdi did look like an Alien but more on my thoughts in a bit.

Now this movie appears to be based on a true story and seems very accurate based on what Captain Philips the has written which has been printed, however there are a few things that I want to mention that the film doesn’t include…

Security-Gulf-of-Aden-Piracy-ReportsBelow is an extract that I have taken from a piece written about the subject matter. “Piracy in the Gulf of Aden, off the Horn of Africa and in the Indian Ocean is undermining international humanitarian efforts in Africa and the safety of one of the busiest and most important maritime routes in the world – the gateway in and out of the Suez Canal. NATO has been helping to deter and disrupt Pirate attacks, while protecting vessels and helping to increase the general level of security in the region since 2008.”

We have the whole of NATO/World Police fighting against African fishermen? Don’t forget history has taught us that whenever the world governments get together they have colluded to suppress the truth (aka the slave rebellion in Haiti when the simple slaves defeated the French and British, USA treatment of Guantanamo detainees and the Nazis treatment of Concentration Camp detainees).

league-of-nationsIn all of these occasions The World Police turned a blind eye even to the point of hiding the truth. Do you remember when His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia went to the League of Nations stating that he was the head of a member state yet his land had been conquered by another member of state (Italy) yet every one of the members had turned a blind eye to the outrage?

Here’s the second speech that he gave to the United Nations which was originally called The League of Nations;  For a more detailed look at the NATO initiative to stop the attacks in this region then please read this: NATO – Topic: Counter-piracy operations. 

indo_pirateHowever my logic regarding Piracy and how to tackle it is simple. Get 12 ex-soldiers (aka Mercenaries) and get them to work on these cargo ships in two lots of six. Put a pair in the front (Port), Middle (me nuh no) and starboard (rear) and they just ensure the boat is secure. Then after they’ve done their shift you replace them with other Security personnel.

Now the pay maybe £500k for the round trip for them all which would still be cheaper than paying for the insurance premium. Also as I stated previously, NATO is The World Police/Army so would consist of all the best equipment so why aren’t they doing a better and more effective job? Now back to the question of how come some of the Pirates looked Alien in origin? I remember reading a few years ago that The Gulf of Aden and it was alleged that based on the high level of… Well how do I explain my thoughts than to say that apparently there are areas that… Well I’m struggling to explain so read this extract taking from an article below;


Interlocutor: There is a topic which was left unfinished in a prior session; I’m talking about the Gulf of Aden Vortex. Is there something true when people say that there is an open Stargate in the sea, I mean, an artificial dimensional door through which extra-terrestrial ships come to Earth? Are there warships from U.S.A, China, Japan, Iran and other countries for that reason?

Ruanel: Yes, but It’s not an artificial vortex. It’s a natural vortex like many others that exist in other parts of the world with the difference that this one is not permanent – that is not true. However, there are so-to-speak electromagnetic forces in that place. How poor the spoken language is! That somehow allow that this vortex be active in a more permanent way compared to other vortexes.

film-captain-phillipsInterlocutor: So, This vortex is in one place and at the next moment it appears in another place? I mean, does it open alternatively?

Ruanel: It opens alternatively, but always inside that area.

Interlocutor: Okay, now, are these countries gathered in that region because of that reason?

For more on the above exchanges of views feel free and read the link here.

Finally to read the events from The Real Captain, see the link below.
My story, by the REAL Captain Phillips  via @Mailonline.

PS, some of my links and the direction of this review may not be typical however may I implore you to read all the links and do your own research to discover the truth. As Mulder and Scully from the TV programme The X-Files used to say, “The truth is out there…” Keep searching…

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