Review : Gravity

Review : Gravity

gravity-movie-poster-2-sm-300x300‘In space, no one can hear your scream’ which if I’m not mistaken was a line from Alien and at the start of this film the on screen graphics states the same thing.

Apparently Gravity took 5 years to make due to the technology not being available. Well it clearly is available now so how good was it? Come closer and read more…

Sandra BullockDr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a Mission Specialist on her first space shuttle mission aboard the Space Shuttle Explorer, also aboard the mission is the seasoned astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), who is commanding his final expedition. During a space walk to service the Hubble Space Telescope, Mission Control in Houston warns the team about a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite, which has caused a chain reaction forming a cloud of space debris.

Mission control orders that the mission be aborted. Shortly after, communications with Mission Control are lost, though the astronauts continue to transmit, hoping that the ground crew can still hear them.

A quality film that is a cinematic joy and is very much worth watching…

That’s as far as I can go without spoiling it for you however I want to delve into what is behind the pursuit of exploring space… 

Since we are talking about Space, which is the final frontier to some I thought I’d talk a little bit about the subject matter. Now you know or I’m assuming you know that the biggest team in the space race is NASA which stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is the agency of the United States Government that is responsible for the nation’s civilian space programme and for aeronautics and aerospace research.

Dwight D EisenhowerPresident Dwight D Eisenhower was the guy who started the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958. Apparently the aim was to make NASA run more on civilian rather than military grounds in the hope of encouraging peaceful applications in space science. The National Aeronautics and Space Act was passed on July 29, 1958, disestablishing NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The new agency became operational on October 1, 1958.

I have to say that even though NASA is supposed to be a civilian organisation I still feel that it appears to be run on military grounds however that could just be me being cynical.

So now you know how it started and why it started however let me introduce you to the main Architect behind it.

jack parsonsJack Parsons, genius inventor of solid fuels used for spacecrafts was high priest of the O.T.O (Ordo Templi Orientis), a satanic church.

Jack Parsons and The Curious Tale of Rocketry in the 1930s

One of Parsons’ best pals in the O.T.O was a young L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology. They shared a zest for the work, as well as a mistress. One of their big projects was the notorious Babalon Working.

The ritual was supposedly intended to create a new age of free love by shattering the confines of four-dimensional space time and to produce the Anti-Christ (think The Omen).

Parsons was the man behind the company called Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the forerunner of NASA. He died in 1952 in a mysterious explosion in his laboratory in Pasadena. Parsons was also a very good friend with the architect and the German World War II rocket maker, (think modern day drones and rockets) Werner Von Braun.

This is the guy that USA took to their land after the war to aid them with their technology.

Aleister Crowley Jack Parsons Ron L HubbardThe picture features the famous Occultist Aleister Crowley, John Parsons and Scientology Founder Ron L Hubbard who were all friends.

More information about Parsons and his friends can be seen via the link below.

The occult roots of NASA, the all seeing eye and related items

If you’re still curious regarding Parsons then here is another link to whet your appetite. This is written from a sympathiser’s perspective.

Actually, it IS rocket science

tower-painting-parliamentWhy does man risk their life to go beyond the earth’s atmosphere? Well from the story in the bible of man, building a tower in honour of Lucifer aka the prince of the power of the air, man has always strived to go beyond the clouds. But let’s not kid ourselves that we will make a better job of it, because make no mistake; what we do on Terra Firma we will do in space, so expect to hear from The Galactic Times. The enslavement of Martians, who are clearly inferior to Humans and the ongoing war with The Borgs, because they think we are inferior to them.

Here’s the perspective of a man who worked for NASA who explains in his own way what he believes is going on.

Planetary Lab

NASA logoNow it looks like something simple and harmless eh? Well let’s look a little bit further…

According to David Icke it has hidden meaning.

You see a round circle with red line entering it could that mean something like vortex gate (think a Stargate that can take you to anywhere in the universe).

Serpent imageAnd the circle looks like a serpent.

“Do they want to tell us something here.” quote from David

Do you remember the spacecraft featured at the end of Prometheus? No, well look below…

Prometheus space craftSimilar shape to the NASA logo wouldn’t you agree?

So when you next watch a film about space, do be aware that the organisations that started the race to space are not obsessed by peace but destruction, control and death..

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