Review : Thor – The Dark World by Jack Denton

Review : Thor – The Dark World by Jack Denton

Thor Dark World PosterThe film follows on from the original Thor and makes reference to Thor’s appearance in The Avengers. This time he is faced with another enemy in the form of the Dark Elves as they aim to destroy Asgard and its universe. On his journey he again returns to Earth and London in particular where he is reunited with the human he loves, Jane Foster.

Thor Dark World Dark ElvesHopkins as Odin and Hemsworth as Thor are the strongest roles in the film, constantly portraying their power and authority. The film is forced full of visuals and actions which suits their characters immensely. Scenes involving Asgard specifically will make you revel in how beautiful and incredible cinema is today.

Due to the high focus on action scenes and the aesthetic value of the film the storyline and plot is quite easy to follow and the humour used throughout is ever so slight but effective. There is nothing worse than when a film like this goes over the top with comedy moments and I’m glad to announce this doesn’t.

Thor Dark World Poster LokiOne complaint I would have with the film though is the use of Loki presenting his transforming gift too much. Admittedly it is an effective trait to wow the audience, as it does when he transforms into one of Thor’s most recent friends, Captain America. However, the ending relies on his gift still being a surprise to us and had it been more stored away in the back of our memories the twist may have been more powerful.

For what it is as a whole package, Thor still remains one of Marvel’s most successful productions after this latest instalment and the third film will be highly anticipated by many.

Rating: 4/5

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