Singing The Unsung – Mon. 27th April 2015 to Fri. 1st May 2015

Singing The Unsung – Mon. 27th April 2015 to Fri. 1st May 2015

The ‘Singing the Unsung’ exhibition is about honouring our local community’s trailblazers who have made a significant difference or set trends by simply “doing”.

Many of our global community’s “heroes” and “sheroes” go unrecognised for their efforts and talents by so many of us who live in those communities.

Some of whom could be living right next door, some could be elderly or some who are no longer living. Yet, we have no idea of their amazing and passionate contributions to our society.

Therefore, we at ZeN decided it is a necessary duty that we honour those who went before us and those who are here paving the way for the current and next generations to live in a more tolerant and community-minded society.

This exhibition salutes 10 Honourees, including one posthumous, from different cultures, faiths, races and ages who have made an impact on the local landscape of Derby and beyond.

There are many more…

Their passions for the arts, music, the elderly, young people, sport, equality, faith, journalism, social welfare and justice have driven them to help and inspire many.

In essence, leaving a LEGACY….

And as their legacy is “the community”, we also asked our honourees what the word COMMUNITY means to them, in one word.

This multimedia exhibition and accompanying FREE booklet (available at the actual exhibition) is just a small sample of the community’s bigger picture of what makes a community.

All we ask is that you join us in… ’Singing the Unsung’… and be inspired to do more to uplift our global communities by making a positive contribution and difference.

N.B. Exhibition film footage and images will go live simultaneously on our website as a virtual exhibition when the actual exhibition opens from Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May 2015, at The Council House, Main Reception area, Corporation Street, Derby City Council, Derby DE1 2FS.



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