Catesha Scarlett

Catesha Scarlett

I was born and raised in Derby, come from a family of 9 and I have a son called Shaquiel.

After completing college I decided to go to London to pursue my media dream which was to be a Presenter and to work for the BBC. I gained a Degree in Communications and Audio Visual Production at London Guildhall University.

Over 10 years I worked in Sales, and went on to work on various media related independent projects, including the production of my own independent documentary which was broadcast on the Community Channel for 2 years. Things took a turn in my personal life and I returned to Derby. A vacancy then came up for a Trainee Broadcast Journalist at BBC Radio Derby, I applied and was successful.

Dreams do come true no matter how long it takes, or how short it lasts. If you can conceive it, and believe it and hold on to it, you can achieve it – which forms the basis of the ZeN concept. I no longer work at the BBC, but the journalism training is invaluable and transferable, and hopefully will be utilised on future projects where and when necessary.

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