Hi my name is gman and if I had to sum myself up I would say that I’m a lover of life and all people.
I believe that we (ie all humans) are called to devise ways where we all have a voice and all care for each other regardless of the things that normally separate us.

I have had over 30years of being either in the arts (drummer in a band formed while at school) to being a BBC trained Producer & Presenter. I’ve also produced music for TV and Researched/Presented (badly!) for ITV in the UK.

I don’t mention the previous to boast rather to inform you of this fact; my previous is just that, previous and doesn’t excite me.

What does? @MeWeZeN which is my life..

My aim is to constantly highlight to You’s the things you didn’t know you didn’t know with the aim to not shock or alarm but rather to inform and enlighten.

So if you’re into what I’ve described then buckle up and enjoy the ride….

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