Kal Kalirai

Kal Kalirai

I was born and raised in Handsworth, Birmingham. As a child life in Birmingham was violent to say the least, with Gang culture prevalent and racism a major divide. I moved to Derby in 1988 and finished school and started my working life In Nottingham at the Post Office. Since then and up until my current employment of over 10 years with the NHS, I went from temporary job to temporary job.

I lived in America twice in 1993 and 1996, and met some now famous people who were in the process of setting up dotcom businesses in Seattle. I lived with my sister and
Brother-in-Law in Seattle.

I did various jobs after this from being a Maintenance Engineer for a cousin at his Nursing Homes to being a Match day supervisor at Pride Park Football Ground.

During my present employment, I have completed my BA Hons in Business Management and become a Prince2 Advanced Practitioner as part of the Association of Project Managers. I have given up on promotion in the NHS as the managers are a cliché of YES men which I don’t believe in being.

My greatest passion is working and helping to grow the ZeN organisation to be a world leader in supporting people in need.

I give praise to GOD daily for the wonderful family and friends I have and most importantly for my Brother Gman for being my guiding light in my darkest hours.

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