Steph Hernandez

Steph Hernandez

I was born in the 70’s in London, raised on the Caribbean island of Tobago amongst relatives, and returned to England in my mid-teens.

I’ve had an interesting, yet turbulent childhood in some respects which has had a challenging impact on me.

Being immersed in Literature and creativity from a young age has been my salvation, escapism, sanctuary, epiphanies, enlightenment and my form of self expression. So much so, that it dictated future study and career paths – empowerment through creativity.

I class myself as a Creative Activist with around 30 years experience in Performance & Literary Arts as a trained theatre actress/ dancer, commissioned Poet & Writer, Arts in Education Facilitator, Director, Dramaturg and Producer.
I’ve been a Creative Advisor for the Arts Council of England, a University & College Media Lecturer for 3 years, Broadcaster & Producer for BBC Radio for 10 years, and Editor of an online Lifestyle & Culturally diverse magazine.
Alongside being a member & Trustee of ZeN, which has reignited my passions for community activism; I also create high-quality natural skincare and beauty products.

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