Gman test drives ‘The Mac Daddy’ & the ‘New Breed of Dog’.

I went to see my friend up Manchester way, the one who was wonderful enough to take me to Dubai last week. We had agreed that he would meet me at the train station then we’d walk the short distance to his lovely home. The train was running late so I informed him that I’d be 15 mins late and my friend @DavidJGolding said that would be “coolio.”

DJG and carSo I disembark off the train and walk the short distance to the car park and there waiting for me are @DavidJGolding and my other brother @MrHague333.

I hug and greet them both then Damon points to the “Black Beauty” in front of me. Now when I said Black Beauty, I wasn’t referring to “Yours Truly” (even though I guess I would also fall into the same category, but modesty prevents me stating the obvious but, I digress).

I look in the direction of where my brother from another mother is pointing and I can’t believe it! @gmanZeN, welcome to Mac-Daddy aka the McLaren MP4-12c. Now if you’ve never seen one or more to the point have no idea what I’m talking about then let me explain…

McLaren are an amazing F1 team that started in 1963. They have raced 726 times, had 155 pole positions and won 182 times. Their current drivers are Jensen Button and Perez.

Senna and ProstPrevious drivers were Ayrton Senna (my favourite of all time), Alan “The Professor” Prost and Niki Lauda (look out for the film featuring the Lauda/James Hunt) and between Senna, Prost and Lauda they have won seven Drivers Championships. So you can see why McLaren are a special team to me and their road car has been an amazing dream that I never thought I would ever see much less sit in one!

So David starts it up and what a roar it makes! I’m informed that you can programme the car manually to get the engine sound you want (how coolio is that!) We quickly manoeuvre through rush hour traffic however DJG decides to take Mac-Daddy off the main road and onto a country one. Then DJG insists I drive…..

McLaren F1Now I have to say my mind went back to 1998 when Wifey and I were celebrating one year of marriage, we decided to go to London and visit the McLaren dealership on Park Lane (I believe). We approach the dealership and can see the original McLaren F1 clearly in the window.

Excitedly, we approach the glass door only to realise the resistance from the door means that it is locked… On purpose…

I look at the sales assistant who looks back at me and shakes his head disapprovingly indicating “if you’re name ain’t on the list, you ain’t coming in.” The pain, the pain….

GMan and CarSo roll on nearly fifteen years later and I’m sitting in “my brother from another mother’s” car and he’s not locking me out rather he’s saying “Please drive it bro.” Reluctantly I jump into the drivers side, adjust the seat, check my mirror then FLOOR IT!!!

The roar of the engine is more like a pride of Lions letting you know that “They run tings!” Cornering is precise and assured, acceleration is off the scale and the noise I made while driving it was “Woooeeee!!!”

I have to say that DJG stated “even though he enjoys this car, he wants to do good in the world.” This statement made me realise that this is a man whose heart is unlimited in its desire to do good. I’m so glad we are friends and are kindred spirits….

Front of CarTwenty minutes later (I’m guessing because time and space have stopped for me however due to the rapidness of the car, distance hasn’t …) DJG wants to park the Mac-Daddy (I call it this because it’s a ‘Mac’-Laren & it’s ‘The Daddy‘), half a mile away. He suggests that I “do him a favour” and take his other vehicle that he had only picked up the day earlier and follow him it to where he was parking the Mac-Daddy.

McLaren takes aim at Ferrari and Lamborghini with 200mph British supercar dubbed ‘an F1 car for the road’

When I see the vehicle my eyes are on storks. It’s the new Range Rover Autobiography! Now if you’re unfamiliar with this Baby then let me explain…. It is the new “Top of the Range Dog” (aka Rover).

Range Rover AutobiographyHe gives me the key which is like a solid block of plastic with a silver edge along one of the sides. I press the release button on the key fob which opens the door. I sit in the driver’s side and I try to figure out where to stick the key but alas, I see nothing bar a button that says “Start/Stop” which I do and the ‘Big Dog’ comes to life with a tuned roar.

I drive and follow DJG to the location noticing that this machine is rapid, sturdy and so assured. It has a stately poise about it however it has every conceivable extra that it will soon be in the garages of the wealthy sportsmen of Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of the British Isles.

Range Rover SDV8 Autobiography (2013) CAR review

To conclude, I had a blast driving cars that are in my fantasy drives however, as DJG stated, “we want to do good in the world.” Question, is it possible to have both (i.e., a desire and will to do good plus drive what is fantasy machines to others?)

Simple answer is yes, I’ve seen what DJG has and experienced his heart and I can state he is a wonderful man and is generous to boot…..

For those who want to know why these cars are special then please feel free and have a look at the official McLaren video of the making of MacDaddy.

How To Build A Super Car (McLaren Documentary)


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