VIDEO of An Evening with Jas Sehmbi (Jas MB) – 21st June 2013

ZeN is always pushing boundaries by engaging and creating an affinity with like minded people around the world. As part of our monthly FREE EVENTS, ‘An Evening with’, we are hosting people who shine out in our communities and are themselves trend setters in the field they practice within.

On this occasion ZeN was ‘Blessed’ with the presence of a world recognised figure who has helped shape the fashion market in his own bespoke way.

ZeN presents to you ‘An Evening with Jas Sehmbi (@JasMB)’ a true genius in the fashion world that has pushed boundaries with his understanding and interpretation of what the next fashion trend and iconic look is.

Jas’s speciality is leather-ware creations that have seen him become a fashion icon/personality in the fashion capital that is Tokyo. Credits to Jas’s name include being the creator of the 1st DJ record bag which helped him leave his stamp/impression on the music world…

Want to learn more about this amazing, iconic and generous genius, watch our video when Jas graced us with his presence in Derby @The VoiceBox on the 21st June 2013….. enjoy!!

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