Review : We Steal Secrets

Review : We Steal Secrets

Review : We Steal Secrets

0AA18_MLNA_WeStealSecrets_1400x2100A_FINThis is a film I have wanted to watch since I heard it had been made which was only two days earlier! As you can see by that statement I have my finger firmly placed on the button clearly marked I know what’s not going on!
So what’s it about you ask? OK let me enlighten you…

This documentary is telling the story of the man behind Wikileaks, Julian Assange, the seemingly very tall Australian guy who is currently in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London hoping to be allowed a safe passage by road along the UK streets then being allowed to board a plane to the said country that is giving him political asylum which in this case is Ecuador.

Now for those who don’t know what his crime is the film explains that Julian went to Sweden and had unprotected sex with a female activist of Wikileaks and protected sex but the condom split with another. The women concerned both gave Julian the opportunity to have an Aids test and because he didn’t they both went to the Police. Apparently this is against the law in Sweden however I have two questions regarding this received problem.

thumb_41: Why didn’t the women concerned go to their respective doctors and get a test for themselves because he may be clean but it doesn’t mean that (based on their promiscuous lifestyles which is based on them both being casual sexual partners with Julian), they may not be.

2: Why doesn’t the Swedish government travel on a P&O ferry and visit Julian Assange at the Embassy and thus remove this potential diplomatic mind-field?
Julian states in this documentary that he doesn’t want to visit Sweden in case they extradite him back to the Land of the free, home of the brave.

julian-assange-we-steal-secretsDon’t forget that the USA has a population of 300m and has 2,193m incarcerated whereas China the most populous race on the planet with over 13bn people have 1.5m locked up. So clearly if you go to America and break a law you stand a great chance of going to jail.
What has he done to upset the Americans so that they may ask him to be a model for their very fetching Orange Baggy jumpsuits?

We Steal Secrets also features the American Soldier Bradley Manning who if you’ve forgotten or just don’t know, he was the guy who leaked over 700,000 Top Secret/Classified Cables (emails) which were collected by the American Government telling their real feelings and the feelings of Top World Officials from various nations/Embassy’s (250,000) and their respective views on each other. The other 400,000 cables were especially about America’s recorded actions during war.

we-steal-secrets-julian-assangeWe Steal Secrets also show a video of American airborne Soldiers targeting and killing innocent civilians in Iraq. The video shows the callousness of the soldiers involved and is entitled Collateral Deaths. Manning pleaded guilty to 10 charges before the trial however the charges he was contesting if he was found guilty on them all he would have been looking at Life Imprisonment without the Likelihood of Parole.

AA18_FP_00493While I’m writing this piece news has just broken that Private Bradley Manning is guilty of 20 charges however not guilty of the charge of Aiding the Enemy Apparently Bradley Manning’s leaking was the largest leaking of secret documents in history. This film is a very revealing documentary that will fill in the blanks in your memory on the subject and should more importantly highlight who we in the West have held up in high esteem in regards to fairness on the World stage will be presented with a truer and certainly less virtuous picture.

Ps, interestingly, Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of the ex-Cricketer and current Pakistani Politician, Imran is a main sponsor of this documentary. #JustSaying

Watch the film @DerbyQuad to find out the truth for yourselves…

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